Idea for Final Minor Project

Post number one and this is the introduction to the idea I have for my final minor project. Before coming back to the UK, I decided to go to Belgium and visit a cousin for four days. My excitement resulted to 742 photographs, all recording the places I have been in Leuven and Brussels, everything that surprised me and of course all the food I had at several places. Food is really something that attracts people, I can tell. ( Is good food a proof of a high standard culture?! ).

Being impressed by Belgium (or is it the food, the whine and the enjoyment of doing nothing?!) I had the idea to revisit all the places I have been to, from beginning to end, again and take the same pictures, if that would be possible.

Thing is, what is behind  the idea of revisiting?

  • just because I liked the place
  • curious to see if I will still have the same impression about Belgium. At the second visit I might come up with a different impression
  • why would someone revisit the same place? Truth is, Belgium is not a place that someone would revisit- there are exotic places that people prefer
  • is it the food? While being there I took photographs of everything I have eaten (people would think I’m weird), of all the new tastes I had. They say that you think better with a full stomach, you are happier, good food is something special -why then people go out for dinner for their first date?!
  • or am I talking about pleasure-characteristic of Belgium? People there eat just a bit of chocolate with their tea, just to feel the taste, the enjoyment
  • just interested in mapping information, mapping journeys, making journals, recording and documenting trips

It would be interesting to map all the information collected from the first visit, then make a second visit to Belgium and make a second map. Will I only revisit all the places I have been or am I going to discover new ones? Or am I going to get bored of the same things again? This is only a matter of curiosity.

One other idea was to categorise all the information and make different maps: all the places I had something to eat, duration of me staying at all the places, rainy days etc.

How much information can I collect from a four-day trip?


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