Maps are associative

  • map is a map
  • maps are flat
  • maps are experiences
  • maps are psychological

Maps are associative to experiences. Technically they don’t exist, what you see are just lines and names of streets, although those flat lines are related in different ways in the brain of every single human.

“To orientate is to hop back and forth between landscape and time, geography and emotion, knowledge and behaviour”

“Like memory, geography is associative”

“We all carry a personal atlas in our brain”

S. Hall, Stephen (2004) I, Mercator. In: Harmon, Katharine. You are here, pp.15-19

After reading these specific lines I thought to try and remember all my journey in Belgium and write it down. Then look at all the pictures, find the places and placemark them (google maps will be really useful here). Every point on the map will be associated with my pictures, my experience of the place, thoughts and feelings.

Keep reading articles from the book ‘You are here’ I was wondering what I find so interesting about trips and mapping

“home is where the lines are straight, the order clear, where even disorder seems predictable and the displacements tolerably temporary”

The unexpected. Getting to know new places you make impressions, you form an opinion, you relate persons, experiences, feelings and thoughts.

“the most important things a map shows, if we pause to look at it long enough, if we travel upon it widely enough, if we think about it hard enough, is all the things we still don’t know”

Hmm. That’s really something that made me thinking for some time. Is it the obsession of the man to know everything on this planet?! Or are all these sound really philosophical?

Maps bring order to chaos. That’s another thing. A map is just a system but also a map is associative to experiences. How can someone map experiences? That’s an interesting path to follow.


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