A system for me or a system for everyone?

Looking for projects that play around the theme of ‘mapping experiences’, I came across with this. A Swedish design student at the end of his project created a smart phone app which maps experiences in relation to places. Creating an app doesn’t seem interesting to me, and it’s also something that would take longer than 10 weeks to do (until the review of the 22nd of November). Although his progress is really interesting. One of the things I liked in his progress is his visual diagram about places, people, experiences and sense of place which I have copied in my sketchbook (image below)

So, how a system of mapping experiences would look like? Possibly a diary-like notebook that would have different boxes in every page to be filled with time, place, what someone saw, heard, description of things.   This doesn’t sound interesting at all… and silly.

What about the sense of place

That’s how people ‘map’ places,  the key to make personal geographies. How can every place I record, can be visualised? One idea is taking specific characteristics of each place I go, for example one thing I remember from my room is the ugly curtains.

I could take a picture of a pattern, of a specific colour, a wall, something anyway that reminds me of each place along with my notes which record time, place and thoughts. With this I could make diagrams which could map using the sense of each place which I created in my mind related to what I see.


But I will need to do this with places that I am not familiar because being in familiar places I would skip things. One key to travelling and mapping is the unexpected.

Thinking of how to form a system which will map/record things and my experiences a big question comes up:

Shall I develop a map of personal experiences or

develop a system that anyone can map their experiences

Sure thing is, developing a system for everyone to use and map experiences will take longer than 100 weeks. So maybe making a personal map for now and then propose the second part for the final major project.

Decision made: a personal map of experiences/thoughts/everything around me


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