Going personal can always turn off my audience. In a way, there are things that are shared: the places I am are public, the thoughts and experiences are related to other persons. So this is not entirely personal it can still be shared with others.

Purpose/why I am doing this/why people should see this

So, why should I start mapping everything and fill notebooks?!

Making the invisible visible

I am interested/curious in the amount of information that are there and I don’t know about them. Every single thing I hear, see, smell, touch, experience. Can I trace all the routes I made in my life? Can I see what I don’t see? (ok we’re getting too philosophical here). What do I digest from a journey? Although, at the same time, what other information/experiences other people digest from the same journey?. So yes it gets personal.


I believe a project like this is not targeted to specific audience, as long as it is interesting! Aim is to surprise people and invite them to ‘see’ what is there but it’s invisible


Lots of note-taking, texts, words. I might end up with some poetic description of places or something. Set different parameters each time. For example till now I am recording things regarding three things: time, place, thought/experience. Another thing would take photographs when looking down, every time I change places! -need to come up with some weird parameters here


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