Notes to self (text based mapping)

The current phase of this project in my mind is just collecting information and mapping things in a notebook. Place, time, information, information, information, information.

Adopt a system.

A good way to bring photography (oh passion) in is to take photographs when looking down (the floor?) every time I change places. Or adopt a different system. System. Need SYSTEM. Changing methodologies would result to a good experimentation. Set different parametres

  • Fill notebook until next tutorial

I had the idea to fill a whole notebook until the next tutorial which is on Tuesday. I already have some recordings from my days in London (which I didn’t make something with them yet-I should). My aim is to fill this notebook of mapping/recording information. Until now I have maps of: 2 days in London, recording information every minute when looking out of the window, recording things around me while sitting in Subway and an one-hour map of information while being at Caffe Nero’s

  • Try to draw journeys (days in London and Belgium) from memory?

It would be interesting to compare the actual maps and the maps that memory make!

  • Map movement in my room

I also had the idea to hold a string so that I can map all my movements in my room. The string shall be stuck on surfaces with masking tapes where the movement stops/changes directions and a post it with time and possible other information.


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