Days in London (graph)

In the past week I have been working on recording things in my notebook and I have also mapped my two days in London which I also recorded in my notebook in terms of time-space-thought.

This is what I came up with:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The distances are traced from the actual map. The black line represents the first time I recorded my day in London and the red line the second one. The numbers next to each point are the actual time I got to that place. This is just a draft idea/experiment, I would also want to add the thoughts (and also improve the design of the graph) as well next to the numbers but that would be too much information.

Looking at how the images change it would be interesting to play with it in after effects or make this map interactive so when you hover over each point thoughts and experiences would come up! Going screen based is one issue but I guess if I really know what exactly I want to do with it I could ask for help.


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