Getting somewhere

I really got intrigued by the one-hour recordings I have made during the last week. In the period of one hour I take note of the time (mostly every minute), I record everything I see/experience/hear and thoughts related to the place. It’s more like recording my unconscious but also mapping a place related to my experiences (as in what I see, hear, digest) and my thoughts. Looking at what I collected as a whole, it looks a long poetic list with random words and phrases derived by experiencing the place but also thoughts I already have in my mind-the unconscious.

The question is, can I really record everything? I am sure even I write down everything continuously for a period of an hour, there will be something that I won’t record. This is about noticing the world, and that’s the interesting about it, making the invisible, visible.

I typed the one of those recordings and this is what I came up with:

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Some combinations of phrases sound really poetic, some are funny and some others make a sentence! I think this idea is more interesting than the graph with my days in London. A step further could be organising all these phrases related to different things:

  • place
  • specific thought that spins around in my mind/something I was thinking before getting to that place and continues to be visible in my recordings
  • vision
  • hearing
  • interaction with people

and others. Basically I need to look at all the phrases and remember to what they are related to and then categorise them. Just for the sake of experiment, the categorisation can be done in different colours or maybe fonts? Something that I will need to consider while, I choose a font are the Greek bits, I need to use a font that will support both English and Greek.

From that I can also make some other graphs, or again, make something interactive, maybe when you hover on a phrase things from my memory now will come up!

Hmm I think this idea is getting somewhere.

Going text based now I will need to look at other people who have done something similar, or maybe look at lists and all the ‘boring’ stuff like receipts etc. It’s gonna be a typography mind blown thing.

It can also develop to a book or books. Some phrases together can stand alone, away from the rest of the others, in one black page.


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