Proposal. Finally


After a recent trip to Belgium and 742 photographs, I found myself interested in recording and documenting journeys, mapping information and experiences. Realising that doing a project about a trip wouldn’t be a strong theme, I moved a step forward and decided to engage with the theme of mapping experiences.

Context and audience

The project fits within the context of graphic design and visual communication as it engages with mapping (whatever kind of mapping I will end up with, text-based, graphs etc) but also due to collecting information and categorising them. Experimentation includes collecting information and experiences in notebooks while being in different places in order to create simple graphs or text-based maps. Experiences shall be collected determined by parameters such as time, place and thoughts. After a further experimentation I found myself intrigued by documenting my experiences and my unconscious related to a place in the period of one hour. The form this project could take, are long lists of text, which ‘map’ a place related to my thoughts, experiences and unconscious. The environment we are in is always influenced by thoughts/ experiences, and these thoughts and experiences form an idea/a sense we have for each place. This self-authored and personal project gained inspiration from the ‘Instruction Manual’ by Lucia della Paolera and some other artists engaging with the theme of mapping.

Being aware that doing a personal project can always turn off the audience, this project aims to make the invisible visible but also suggest the audience to notice the world, what is there but at the same time is not. There is no limit to the audience, although the outcome needs to be interesting enough to surprise and make people look and think.


I shall be looking really carefully at the typography and how this project can get interesting enough if it’s going to end up completely text-based. The outcome shall be a result of my own primary research, as I will be collecting information and experiences related to a place in the form of text. I shall be looking at typography and how a poetic text-based piece of work can be interesting to the readers. I will also consider colours and fonts. In addition, I shall consider visualising my ‘maps’ of experiences in the form of graphs, which will categorise and label my experiences. For my research I shall be looking at graphs, maps, lists, poetic text-based projects and mapping as art. This project can also include primary visual research in the form of photographs.


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