Re lists: The common receipt

After my last tutorial I remembered a project about redesigning the common  receipt. Receipts usually are boring and unimportant but the outcome of this is the opposite!

“Why shouldn’t receipts be a way of connecting with customers, in a whimsical way?” asks the website.

“A sales receipt generally does two things: It tells you what you bought and how much you paid for it. But since cash registers can already spit out a yard’s worth of coupons, why couldn’t they also dispense a fortune-cookie surprise: a factoid, say, that might make you chuckle?

A receipt is printed out by a till that is already connected to a complex system,” explains Matt Jones, a principal at Berg. “The receipt printer is kind of this tiny print-on-demand machine, which could display a lot more and take on a lot more input.” The resulting output, in turn, could take many forms and even be personalized based on customer surveys:

We’ve added semi-useful info-visualisation of the foods ordered based on “what the till knows” — sparklines, trends — and low-tech personalisation of information that might be useful to regulars. Customers can select events or news stories they are interested in by ticking a check box.

Receipts could potentially be used to bring awareness to social and health concerns, but Berg favors a lighter approach. “Not everyone can save the world every time,” Jones says, “but you know, it’s quite good if you just make somebody smile for 15 seconds.”

From the website

The starting point of the redesigning of the common receipt is this video which is also interesting. It is relevant to my project in means of a lot of things going on at the same time.

Media surfaces: Incidental Media from Dentsu London on Vimeo.


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