Richard Long

Richard Long has based his art on the action of walking in the natural landscape. Walking is non-expressive, a mechanical movement which permits the body to travel from one point to another. It is a means of mapping a line on the landscape – the origin of all roads and of means of measuring the world. In his art Long uses walking as a means of travel – to places where he may create transient works on the landscape documented by photography or words.  And, following a poetic logic unique to the artist, walking in Long’s oeuvre may also become a means to inscribe an invisible pathway, generating a new way of portraying a landscape.


I found really interesting the poetic descriptions of places he has been and journals he has made. Sometimes the words are placed in the shape of the path he has made in the actual landscape. Overall the way he has placed the words in the page is really interesting for the reader to engage with it. He has also considered colour in relation to the content of the text.

Richard Long ‘Walking in Cicles’ and ‘Walking the line’ books


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