Post-tutorial notes

Discussing about the text-based maps I was making and the last experimentation with the ‘2 tables, 4 chairs’ questions like ‘What does it speak about/engage with’, ‘where can it be seen?’ come up.

What if a list of mapping experiences would appear unexpectedly when you are about to use the loo roll?! What I am trying to think here is places where you least expect to see lists, or more specifically lists like these I am doing

To-do things to experiment for the coming week

As working on my laptop doesn’t get me somewhere really interesting it would be a good idea to experiment with other things

  • try arranging my lists in a blank notebook
  • print the lists and placed them in places where they are least expected to be seen: on the floor, in a menu (make it look like a menu and then when is opened it comes up with the least
  • think more about lists, where you expect to see them and where you don’t
  • try different methods of mapping
  • location is the main thing, start with that and then continue with me (thoughts, experiences etc)
  • place post its in places when I think of something (e.g. when I look out of the window and think of something, write that down on a post it and stick it on the window so at the end of the day I will come up with a place full of post its/thoughts-this way I will map exactly my experiences/consciousness in relation to the place
  • make an old idea of mine-the idea with the strings in the room-every time I move from one place to another in my room, take a string and stick it on walls and stuff so at the end of the day my room will be full of strings which will be my movements
Where else can I map movements?
  • Supermarket? Where do I go first? There are studies of where people go first and how supermarkets put unnecessary things next to necessary ones just to make people consume them
  • Mapping music? When does it go off and on? Some things are more interesting to some people than others-music could be one of those

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