Mapping movements in my room

I decided to do the experiment with mapping my movements with strings in my room as it looked funny and a nice idea.

As it was difficult to stick strings everywhere each time I moved, I kept record on a piece of paper each time I was moving and then placed the strings at the end. I left it there for 2 days to engage with it and experience it. I have to tell it became too difficult to move around, it was annoying! I wrote down my thoughts about it during the two days:

  • suddenly I can see all my movements in this small place
  • most of the times I go from the desk to the door and from the desk to the toilet (too much time in front of the screen?!)
  • it’s strange how many versions of ‘me’ exist in this place
  • not it’s clear-the invisible is visible!
  • it’s annoying- I CAN’T MOVE!
  • it’s strange-do I make all these movements all day?!
  • it feels I limit/control my movements now because it’s annoying to go through all these strings and not fall down
  • it feels like now I am trying to avoid to make the same movements again-I can’t take the same paths again as there now there’s a string
  • when I’m out of my room I don’t want to return back-I think of the strings and how much it annoys me to walk through the strings
  • I can’t move through my movements!!
  • it’s like a prison in here-I can’t get rid of my movements/can’t overwrite
  • I get reminded of all my movements all the time

What to do next with this?

  • video myself trying to move through all these strings?
  • measure the place and where the strings are and make a map out of it (no, I am not using the computer this week-parameter)
  • I haven’t try it with post its which would have written my thoughts and the time when I moved to a different place

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