Post-review notes

So yeah, conversations about final minor project end today, from today until the end of January I’m all alone on this project. Feedback/notes/to do for this project:

  • look at public intervention-other artists
  • the experiments with the scrolling lightboxes looked more interesting, expecially when showing two-three phrases
  • unexpected-attract people’s interest, apply the text where is most unexpected too see and where people will have time to see this as well-stations
  • the experiment with the saint pancras station image-make better the video, the text could slow down on specific phrases, even zoom in, or fade out
  • find places that people are likely to stare at-like the billboards at the Maidstone East station when people waiting for the train
  • look at the poetry on the underground project
  • work with stations
  • I wish I could mock up the boards in the stations where the time is passing etc-find a way to mock that up on after effects, it would be nice to see my text running on those boards, even fade out or falling down-take pictures of such boards in stations ( don’t forget to carry the letter from College Office which says that I’m taking photographs in public spaces in favour of a project)
  • the large prints of the whole texts in places didn’t seem interesting, the scrolling billboards seemed more appealing as they move-poetry moves
  • I might have to translate the greek parts to english as this way I will have more flexibility on the font I will be using
  • I need to look carefully at the typography/the font I’m gonna use as this is a text based project, I need to make it typographically beautiful
  • make more mock-ups with scrolling lightboxes and try photograph more billboards/rotating billboards/scrolling billboards so I can make mock-ups
  • try to think of other interesting places to apply the text

Screen billboard

I have also tested the text on a screen billboard in an image of St Pancras station. I wanted to make the text scroll fast and slow randomly so it can attract people’s interest, sometimes it could stop on certain phrases etc although this seems like a failed experiment. It could be better. Feedback given from this experiment was that the place where this picture was taken looks really busy so people won’t look at it, especially when the text scrolls so fast. Probably some phrases would better, instead of the whole text.

Applying text in different places

While being at the station I took some pictures of the billboards and advertisements there so I can apply some of my text. I couldn’t find the same font as SouthEastern uses so I used a similar one that I found on the web, I think it’s interesting that my text is placed there unexpectedly but needs some development.

Experimenting with the typography/making large prints

I have experimented further with the typography, the font and the layout. I wanted to make it look like it’s an extract from a poet or something, so I used a serif font (one that works both in english and greek) and a beige background.

Click on the images to go to theatre mode and if you want to see larger some images click on permalink. The quality is poor because the files were originally pdfs and I saved them as jpgs..


After looking at a poetry book I changed the layout of the text to this

Mocking up scrolling lightboxes

I separated a few phrases in order to mock them up on the billboards I took pictures at the station the other day. (click on the links below)









Later I opened one of the pictures I took at the station, I removed the bit I wanted to replace (the advertisement) and then put one of the files I made in indesign behind that layer

And then imported the photoshop file in After Effects, in layers, to make the short mock ups of the scrolling lightboxes

In InDesign

I have spent all day trying out fonts and layouts in InDesign. The height of these PDF files are the height of a regular A1 print. Click on the numbers to open the PDF files.

1 this might seem as a blasphemy to typography but I kinda liked the negative spaces and all


3   3-1

4 4-1

5  5-1

A1landscape  A1landscape-1


I chose a serif font for text as I wanted it to look like poetry..

To be honest all these designs don’t get me really excited