Post-tutorial notes

Cutting and pasting text in notebooks

Discussing about the experiment with deconstructing the map list and arranging it on pages:

  • redo it/experiment further
  • consider the format of the notebook each time, can it be landscape? can it be a folded concertina that it unfolds and all the text appears in front of you in a way?
  • try it with fewer words on each page-placing big extracts of the text doesn’t go away from the concept of the list-fewer text makes it more interesting, makes text breath better
  • colour? bold font? highlight some words?
2 layers of poetry
A nice idea would be to have some words in bold or different colour or even different font and then when you read all those highlighted words you make a new sentence/phrase/realisation out of the existing thoughts! This needs work and I think it should be done on the computer?
The lists
Discussing further the idea with the recordings as lists, a step further/final outcome could be to go to public spaces and map them like I did in my notebooks but this time go to places like train stations or where people have the time to sit and stare at something, observe, wait for something. Then make those recordings big lists and put them back in those places. In some way those map lists would be the representation of the place there. People would stare at it and read about my observations and thoughts I had at that time in that place. The lists could be placed where advertisements are. Obviously I won’t be allowed to do such a thing but I can always mock it up, or just map places in the university where I can ask to display those text maps.
An issue that was raised before in this blog is that I think in Greek, although those text maps are in English. So, in some way. I control the maps and basically my unconscious. My lack of full knowledge of the English language allows me to play with it and make poetic combinations of words, grammatical mistakes become an interesting representation of my observations and my thoughts. Probably recording all these places in Greek would give a different perception and also it wouldn’t be that interesting in Greek, as English language is more experimental for me. English is the way to communicate and learn for the last 3 years.
Although, if those text maps were in Greek, would they be understandable?
After a discussion, being understandable or not, is not the issue as the interesting part is the shape of the language here. Maybe I could make things stand out so that makes people understand that I observed different things and tried to map places in relation to my observations and unconscious. Also, a Greek text map in a public space in the UK might look interesting, as it will show a different perception of the place.
All these things bring in a lot of new issues which I’d rather now to go into as it could be a nice final major project, to get myself into the shape of language.
So leaving that for a later stage.
Mapping my movements in my room
Regarding this experiment, ideas discussed:
  • video myself doing this
  • add sound-probably me reading one of the one-hour recording I made
  • take the string from one place to the other, cut them, and hang them on the wall, just to observe the distances
  • take photographs of where each ending point of the string is
The problem with this experiment is that it goes beyond the idea of mapping. I will need to find something that speaks about maps with this.
PS. It’s strange how every time I go to the tutorials prepared to say that I am stuck, I come back with a lot of new things to discover!

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