Post tutorial notes

Booklet made with tracing paper

  • try it with typed text
  • thinner tracing paper
  • use ring instead of ring for binding
  • print on acetate as well
A1 sheets of paper
  • go further with the first version (that looks like a simple list, not the one I unsuccessfully to make it expressive)
  • handwriting and typed-carefully with the handwriting, keep the lines straight
  • colour-yellow typography on black background (the usual way to make someone look)
  • use translations for the greek at the bottom? or in brackets
  • I can use only some phrases from the text-try it out
Think about the places/station
  • the text can be placed where the screen with the running text is (where it says when the train comes, where is calling etc)-imagine the text running there, it would be really odd!
  • next time go to the station with a letter from university (last time they looked suspicious when I was sitting there writing in my notebook for an hour)
  • observe the station-where I can place the text
Rotating/rolling billboards
it would be a good idea to place single lines of texts on rotating billboards so with every motion the viewer will see a different phrase
I was thinking about the one that rolls horizontally instead of vertically. I need to find one of these but I guess I won’t find any in Maidstone
Bus stops
  • another place to display the text is where the bus times are on bus stops-my chronological text relates to that
  • I can add borders or make it in the same colours, same design
  • take pictures of those as well to mock them up on the computer
Mapping movements in my room experiment
  • I need to make the 2 window video in After Effects-fast forward them as well
the strings I’ve cut
  • consider the post its I placed next to them (look at photographs)
  • I can play with them/ design them better-include info: distance, measurement, how many times (how many strings)
  • present them wrapped on the table or hang them on a wall (wrapped on the table will look like seized by police!)

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