Looking at Circular magazine II

Here, some photographs from issue 8. The design seemed that it changed dramatically. The format is bigger, more airy, new grid, simple and a lot of white space. I think this is my favourite one. I also liked the daisies on the jacket, the centre of the flowers bring in mind again the shape of the circle.

Important information to notice:

Typeset in: The Zurich family from Bitstream Typefoundry

Paper/cover stock: GF Smith. Accent Glacier White, 160gsm/270gsm

I really liked the small text on the inside of the back cover:

God is in the detail. And we love producing Circular. So, when it’s 02.00hrs, all the coffee has run out and we’re still checking the rag, it’s not inconceivable that the odd thing creeps through. Which is to say that if we have erroneously identified work, missed a hyphen on a trade name, or perpetrated some similar horror – please accept our unreserved apologies. Our hearts are in the right place, even if our punctuation sometimes isn’t. The desire to be the paragons of typographic and grammatical virtue has to be balanced alongside our desire to finally publish Circular 8 after a long delay. With that, farewell till we meet again, in Circular 9.

This shows that they’re not Gods of typography, they can make mistakes too, but their love for typography is still there.

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