Looking at Circular magazine III

And this is the current issue, 17. Much more different, really decent design, thick paper, fresh colours, innovative and eye catching. The magazine is in a slip case which the whole text of the magazine is written on! Basically the magazine is only pictures and the description of each photograph is on the slip case. I also liked the way the circle is printed on the slip case and the cover, something I should consider for the special publications. Looking for the issue on the internet I observed that the cover and slip case come in different colours.

These two photos are from Pentagram’s website (http://pentagram.com/en/new/2011/10/new-work-circular-17.php)

The Circle and Circular seems to embrace innovation and that’s why each issue seems different, modern and decent although there’s a right typographical solution to all of them.

Paper: GF Smith. The slipcase (350gsm) and cover (270gsm) have been printed on various colours of Colorplan. Image pages are printed on Zen Pure White 150gsm. The index is printed on Accent Smoth Glacier White 115gsm.

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