What is a special issue/publication? II

Searching for what requires a special issue to be special, I came across this website, where it has some important information:

Guest editors

  • special issues ask guest editors to contribute to the production of the special issue
  • some guest editors take the full role of the editor
  • they collaborate with the editor on the subject using their own specialist subject knowledge and interest – special editions take the approach the guest editor wishes to, in the case of my project I can take an approach I want, although it needs to sit well with the rest of the materials the Circle has produced
  • identify and define the subject scope of the special issue – in my case is already defined: special editions dedicated to designers that gave talks for the Circle – the content depends on my choice
  • use their own networks to commission papers or arrange calls for papers to attract the authors to write for the issue – in my case I have my own experience, my ‘network’, that’s why I am thinking of choosing Bruno Maag, Jonathan Barnbrook and Anthony Burrill, because the first two gave a talk at my university, and I also have some postcards from an exhibition of the third one
  • manage the peer review process and reviewers and liaise with the authors for revisions if needed
  • collate the issue for the editor/managing editor
  • write a guest editorial for the journal, these are often extensive essays which draw together the component papers and provide an overview of the topic – I don’t know if I have to do this in my case
What makes an outstanding special issue?
  • internationality and content and/or authorship
  • leading edge content and originality
  • broad subject interest appeal
  • a consistency in the papers either through a commonality of approach or theme or their comparative nature
  • the authors of the papers are some of the active and respected figures in the field
  • a well written guest editorial which exhibits real understanding of the value and import of the issue
  • guest editor(s) who put a lot into the work involved in the commissioning and production of the special issue

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