Applying text in public

Going back to the Final Major Project and my last updates on it.

Aside the experiments in After Effects I also started experimenting with applying single phrases in different places

Bus stop


I made a lot of variations for this but I think the most successful is the last one, the time is not underlined and the text is big and simple. The specific font makes it look literal and unambiguous which is what I wanted to achieve.

Phone Booth

To be honest I didn’t really like this, I could probably play with it more, maybe have text only on the upper part of the door.


For this I could make the texture of the images I applied there to feel like it’s actually an advertisement on the bus, like I did with the one at the bus stop.

Lightboxes in the town

I think this is my favourite one, I wouldn’t expect to see 5 light boxes with unambiguous phrases like this. I need to find a different way/layout for the time though, I don’t like it like that.


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