Post-tutorial notes (D&AD)

Deliverables: the brief says to make 3 covers and 4 spreads for each designer, although today we have been advised to make one proper publication -with the spreads and all- and for the other two we shall do only the cover

  • I shall not focus on the content, the brief seems to care more about the cover and the how the special editions will sit well with the rest of the materials the Circle has produced
  • look at Penguin’s special editions and series, how they work as a series, the colours etc: here and here. Focus on the overall design feel, what makes them look like an actual series/ what holds them together?
  • the brief also says we shouldn’t make the covers a copy or pastiche of the designers’ work, so how do you represent a typographer without copying him?
  • using their fonts would become problematic – for example Bruno Maag seems to hate Helvetica, I could use Helvetica in an ironic way, or I could blow up a single letter of one of his fonts or even zoom in the horrible curve of the ‘a’, as he seemed to represent it in the video I have embed in the previous post
  • look again where the Circular focuses: colours, surprise, minimality of some pages and some other pages have full bleed images, paper-how this becomes important as it makes the magazine an object

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