Post-tutorial notes (Final Minor Project)

Apart from the tutorial for the D&AD project I had today, I also had a tutorial about my final major project and got feedback on the last updates I had on it:

  • I shall make the reference to time more visible – I am talking the time on the posters I have, I should find a different way to represent time/make it more direct
  • it could also be good to add on the bottom of each poster more information about the place, date and time of the phrase ‘captured’ like this: ‘Savvas’s room, on the 19th of November 2011, at 14:11’
  • I could highlight, in a way, the time on the poster so that the viewer when reads the time and the text, it will drive his/her eye to the bottom of the poster where it would say the date and place
  • probably I could create a small logo representing a clock and place it next to the time so that it can be visible? That’s just an idea.
  • the underlined versions of time don’t work well
  • design-wise the posters work well and they look nice, they look literal and poetic as I wanted them to look

I was a bit worried that it doesn’t look interesting to me at this point, because the only thing I do is mocking up the text in places, and everything is in a proposal dimension. I feel I am more physical and I would like to work with these posters actually printed. I am going to print some of them for the hand in anyway so I guess I shouldn’t be worried about this, I will engage with printing after all!



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