‘Type is our business’ Bruno Maag

Here a video I have watched on vimeo, in 2 parts, for my research on Dalton Maag font consultancy

Interesting Bruno Maag says in the videos:

  • when he went to work for Monotype, he practised for 3 days on making straight lines and proper circles-this shaprened his eye and he could see what is right what is not
  • there is nothing boring, awful than sticking rigidly to a grid
  • legibility is an important factor for him (that’s how it should be in general anyway), especially in text fonts
  • when he talks about the Metrolink signage in Manchester, he shows blurred images of the font he designed and Helvetica – the Metrolink font is recognisable when is blurres, while the idectical characters of Helvetica are not so recognisable
  • various shapes in the characters of one font make it more legible for dyslexic people-that’s why dyslexic people can read better Comic Sans

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