Post-tutorial notes (Final Minor Project)

To-do list until the deadline (I can’t believe I’m finally there):

  • decide on the typeface I’m using for the reference to time
  • I’m going for the last experiment (image below) I’ve done for the reference to time, it seems the best one, the black background behind the time numbers reference to the old rotating boards and suit to the overall literal/poetic sense – overall, the design looks sophisticated and it has the character I wanted to give it

  • decide which billboards I’m using for the rotating lightboxes ( which I will create in After Effects) and which ones for the usual stable ones – try out different phrases on each ones – Am I relate the phrases with the places or make it completely ambiguous?
  • decide if I will propose it for only the Maidstone town so that the viewer sees all the phrases around the town and links them between them or both London and Maidstone? Or just London? The pictures I took from London’s underground look better places to apply the text than Maidstone – anyhow choose the best images
  • Printing – which ones am I printing? Sizes?

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