Rough ideas on the proposed format

From the start of this project, I started thinking about the finished format of the special series. I had in mind of producing a slipcase for all the magazines or one slipcase for each one. The reason I wanted to introduce the idea of a slipcase makes it seem more formal, limited and special!

This image shows 3 old ideas I had a while ago: –one having a cut-out circle on the slipcase (which would probably be single coloured) from which you can see through the cover of the special edition or you can see the logo of the Typographic Circle printed on the special magazine

-the second one is having postcards instead of regular magazine spreads, or single spreads in a slipcase.

-the third one is the special editions with an ‘extra’ cover that would be the half width of the cover, probably black which would have only the logo printed on it.

A later idea:

-having a slipcase for each of the special editions with a semi-circle on the right bottom corner from which you can see the logo printed on the special editions. The semicircle would be used to help the reader pull out the magazine but also to surprise them with the cover as the slipcase would be single coloured (probably black) in contrast to the colourful/busy/surprising cover of the inside magazine.


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