Post tutorial notes

Thinking about the three designers..

Where does inspiration come from? I could probably ask them? I know Bruno Maag likes cooking and, from what I heard, he’s not that neat with cooking as with typography!

What would the three designers disagree on?

Thinking again how they would visualise a circle:

Stefan Sagmeister: something really extreme is more of his character than sausages or onions. Blood, or a scratch on human’s skin!

Bruno Maag: probably tiny black, clean and aesthetic black spots-to show the obsession with the detail

Anthony Burrill: the essence of geometric circle. What’s the most geometrical circle I have ever seen?!

Production ideas for the circles idea:

-Lenticular technology. I could print all the different circles using lenticular technology. The covers will be all the same. This kind of printing has gone so far that it can contain 30 images- a short animation! Examples here.

-Moving card/spinning circles. This can only be visualised in 3D. Here’s a small mock-up I did in order to visualise it:

Although, this seems as something that could be destroyed really easy (well, designers are always neat with their books and magazines-consider that). I also don’t like the idea of having a 3D object sticking out of the cover (I haven’t seen anything similar with Circular’s covers).





-Slip case which would contain all the special editions and it will have a cut-out circle in the middle. Through that cut-out circle you will be able to see the circle on each of the covers (inspiration came randomly from Sagmeister’s book ‘Things I have learnt in my life so far’).


I think I will stick with the last one, as it seems the one that I can manage to do in one week’s time, it’s interesting and interactive (because you can change the circle you can see through each time)


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