Circles and designers

Stefan Sagmeister

First of all, I didn’t harm my self. Let’s say it was an accident with a pin! Yes I did that. Anyway, it was just a drop of blood, I zoomed in so that it looks bigger. The thing is that it doesn’t look like blood.

Anthony Burrill

Ok, here I had fun! After looking at Anthony Burrill’s geometric, bright shapes, I started making my own


Bruno Maag

I started visualising Bruno Maag as a pixelated ‘o’ character. Because he always has to do with the details and I also remember from his talk at UCA he was talking about web rendering of the fonts, the pixels they take etc.

Then I remembered he likes cooking. After looking at dalton maag website, I found out that Bruno talks about a cooking tool he likes. I looked in my kitchen and found out a similar, functional object (always circular) which is my measuring cup:



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