My presentation on the 17th Jan. 2012

This is the first time I use Prezi and I can tell it’s really fun!

Follow the link below and click the play button every time to follow the order that I have set:

Typographic Circle

(I tried to copy the embed code but it doesn’t work)

Post-presentation notes

  • I need to make the grid for one of the designers
  • use ink instead of blood for Sagmeister, and splash it in a way it forms a circle
  • the ‘o’ made of white little spots doesn’t show that it’s blown (my intention wasn’t to blow up the ‘o’ character but I guess that’s what other people see)
  • re-photograph the cooking tool that represents Bruno Maag. Make it stand out-different lighting
  • I could include quotes or their names on the covers, but as I want the covers simple without any type on it, I will consider adding their names and their ‘circles’ next to them on the slipcase, so that someone has an idea what is about

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