Updated proposal


The starting point of this project is a trip to Belgium, but more generally my excitement for recording and mapping. I’m interested in mapping, not only in the means of location but also of experiences. The environment we are in is always influenced by thoughts and experiences, which form an idea and a sense we have for each place.

Context and audience

The project fits within the context of graphic design and visual communication as it engages with mapping and also due to collecting information and categorising them. Experimentation includes mapping my movements in my room with strings, like Duchamp’s ‘Mile of String’. I am really intrigued by the idea of recording my experiences and observations while being still in location, with a notebook and a pen, for the period of one hour. Experiences shall be collected determined by parameters such as time, place, thoughts, observations and anything I digest in a place for an hour. For the final stage of the project I shall communicate extracts from these texts to the public, in the form of public intervention by placing them on rotating light boxes. Sometimes the texts create poetic phrases, and as poetry moves, the rotating effect will have more impact. By reading this on the tube or anywhere else, the public will get interrupted, start noticing things that didn’t notice before and reconsider ideas like mapping and sense of place.

This self-authored and personal project gained inspiration from the ‘Instruction Manual’ by Lucia della Paolera and some other artists engaging with the theme of mapping.


I shall be looking really carefully at the typography and how this project can get interesting. The outcome shall be a result of my own primary research, as I will be collecting information and experiences related to a place in the form of text. I shall be looking at typography and how text-based piece of work can be interesting to the viewers. I will also consider colours and fonts. For my research I shall be looking at graphs, maps, lists, poetic text-based projects, public interventions and mapping as art. This project will include manipulated photographs of billboards, as the billboards in public will be in proposal format. I shall also create short videos that show how the billboards are going to work in public spaces.


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