Conclusion (Final Minor Project)

I found myself enjoying this project throughout the process. Especially when remembering my experiment with the strings in my room and how much it annoyed me every time I was entering my room, I feel I engaged really well with the subject. For this project I have done things that I’ve never done, like when I went to places and stayed still for in one location for one hour and tried to record everything. This made me enter a different mechanism and it also allowed me to go out of my sketchbook and my computer screen and engage with a place. Although, I feel there are improvements to be made on how the viewer perceive what I am trying to communicate. As the project stems from a personal excitement, it’s obvious that it can turn off the audience, that’s why I was trying to communicate to the public my project in the form of billboards and not keep it as a complete personal project. Now the project is finished on the wall I feel it came out well, although I would like to make some improvements on the paper and look more carefully at the bits where I have white letters on black background.


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