Personal perception of language through bilingualism

The idea for my final major project stems from questions that I’ve come across during my final minor project like: In what language do I think?

Really early starting points:

-When I was a kid and while sitting in the car in the middle of a journey, I was looking at the registration plates of the cars and I was trying to form small words out of them

-My three years at the university, I remember going through etymologies and thesaurus in online dictionaries all the time, especially when I had to do essays

-I combine Greek and English words and make new words with new multiple meanings. Sometimes they create contradictory meanings.

-Generally I have a tendency to play with the words. Make sentences out of one word or find other words in words. Reflect or reverse also it’s one game (that probably derives from my name which can be read backwards and forward the same: Savvas)

The general question is, What’s in a word?

Other observations/questions:

  • Is English language entering my unconscious?
  • What kind of body language am I using when I speak English? Is it different in Greek?
  • My inability to speak English properly allows me to experiment
  • When I speak Greek I often include English words-Is that because English is a global language or do English invade or intervenes my Greek way of speaking and thinking?
  • Is there a difference of meaning when I say the same thing in English and Greek?
  • What’s the difference between the shape of the two languages?
  • What’s the body language I use when I say the same thing in English and Greek?
  • How do I relate these two languages?
  • In English is easier for me to swear…! Probably because I can’t feel the seriousness of the words in English?!

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