Researching Marketing for Designers-5 tips from CN

Searching for tips regarding Marketing for Designers, I came across with Creative Nerds, a really useful website for designers.

5 tips CN gives for ‘selling’ your self:

  1. Submitting work to CSS galleries
  2. Building a strong social media presence – Facebook, Twitter, Behance, Tumblr etc etc. Nowadays is easy to get popular with social media, it depends though, how smartly you use these.
  3. Blog! – starting a design blog, or even a journal blog on which you talk about what you do every day will make people get in your life and know more about you or even how do you make your work.
  4. Google AdSense – Personally I have no idea how this works. From what I understand has something to do with adding ads on your website. More information:
  5. Flickr – The smart thing to promote yourself on Flickr is to submit your work in groups following by a really short comment like: hey guys could you check out my work?



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