Mistakes in Logo Design

  1. Designed by an amateur Here are the most common reasons why many logos look amateurish:
    • The business owner wanted to save money by designing the logo quickly themselves.
    • A friend or relative who claims to know a little about graphic design does it as a favor.
    • The wrong people are commissioned. (Local printers are not likely proficient in logo design.)
    • The business outsourced the job via one of several design competition websites, which are mostly populated by amateur designers.
    • The job was given to an online company that offers really cheap logos.
  2. Relies on trends        A well-designed logo should be timeless and this can be achieved by ignoring the latest design tricks and gimmicks.
  3. Uses raster images 
  4. Contains stock artDownloading stock vector imagery from websites such as VectorStock is not a crime, but it could possibly get you in trouble if you incorporate it in a logo. A logo should be unique and original, and the licensing agreement should be exclusive to the client: using stock art breaks both of these rules. Chances are, if you are using a stock vector image, it is also being used by someone somewhere else in the world, so yours is no longer unique.
  5. Designing for yourself rather than your clientAsk yourself if that font is truly appropriate for the business you’re designing for? For example, a great modern typographic font that you just love is not likely suited to a serious business such as a lawyer’s office.
  6. Overly complex A logo should work in all sizes. For example this fingerprint loses its details when looked from far away.
  7. Relies on colour for its effectChoosing color should be your last decision, so starting your work in black and white is best.
  8. Poor choice of fontFinding the perfect font for your design is all about matching the font to the style of the icon. But this can be tricky. If the match is too close, the icon and font will compete with each other for attention; if the complete opposite, then the viewer won’t know where to focus. The key is finding the right balance, somewhere in the middle. Every typeface has a personality. If the font you have chosen does not reflect the icon’s characteristics, then the whole message of the brand will misfire.
  9. Has too many fontsUsing too many fonts is like trying to show someone a whole photo album at once.
  10. Copies others      As mentioned, the purpose of a logo is to represent a business. If it looks the same as someone else’s, it has failed in that regard.
  11. MeaninglessDesign your logo with a purpose. You might think the arrow does nothing here. But it says that amazon.com has everything from a to z
  12. Don’t rely on the PC, sketch your idea on paper
  13. Avoid unnecessary inclusions (Ltd, co etc).    For example, notice the vague inclusions under this logo
  14. Avoid certain typography issues (spacing, predictable, crazy and thin fonts) 
  15. Start the logo in black and white 





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