Visual branding

Researching brand identity I came across with this website

It has really important subjects based on brand identity. All the pages are also downloadable in pdf format. Two I distinguished:

Visual Branding Outline 2_1

Visual Branding Outline 6_2

Computer Arts also has an article regarding brand identity on their website. Things I pointed out:

  • “The overall identity needs to communicate what the brand stands for, to collectively tell the brand story,” Jane Walker, Senior Creative Director at Red Bee Media.
  • the brand identity or logo needs to convey a message in a creative way. It doesn’t need to explain what the company does though. In case of a bank, the best would be a trustworthy and authoritative mark, you wouldn’t make a logo with bills flying into a building. Lars Hemming Jorgensen, Creative Director of Large Design
  • “The art of branding is about getting under the skin of companies, finding out what makes them special and then to amplify these positives.” – Lars Hemming Jorgensen
  • In terms of logo design, Jane Walker advises that you don’t follow fashion as it will burn out and become last year’s model very quickly.
  • Designers generally keep brands visible and interesting by ensuring that the brand maintains a constant dialogue with its consumers, according to Michael Berthon.
  • “Be different, flexible and authentic to create a unique visual language that helps to tell an ongoing brand story,” suggests Jane Walker.

10 Principles that should be considered before designing a logo

  • Understand the role and principles of logo design
  • The meaning of colour-Interpretations of color are so various, base on age, sex, and culture.
  • Learn by the other success and mistake-Logo is the easiest way to know and distinguish the company from the other. Being success and professional of logo designer need the particular skill, and it can be taken by studying and exercising.
  • You will fix your own logo design process-When designer plan or create a logo, she/he must follow the logo design process. It can guarantee that the last design result is relevant to client need.
  • The better vector-Vector becomes the standard in designing or creating the logo since the vector consist of some points that can be measured accurately and can guarantee the consistency of visual design of many sizes. Adobe illustrator or CorelDraw become a favorite for software designer in logo making.
  • Unique-A logo must be unique and give visual identity for your business. If you have unique logo, it will help your business becomes famous and make it is easier for consumer to know your company and product.
  • Make it memorable- A good test to make sure that your logo design is easy to be remembered to show to your friends and ask them to come again next week. A good design must use the shape that is easy to be knows or the element that is easy to be remembered.
  • Simple-For you, a logo designer, make sure that the logo is catchy. The best way to make the catchy logo is to keep the logo design in to simple thing. Look at the company logos such as, Nike, Mitsubishi Motors, Bbayer and Aplle.
  • Adaptability/Be ready for change-The business situation development is so fast which makes your logo must be flexible enough to be adaptable with other situation. If your logo is to specific or literal, it will not be easy to serve market need.
  • Versatility-Flexibility becomes the one of attribute that is most important in logo design. The effective logo can work in many media and applications.Therefore the logo must be designed in vector format to make sure the scale of many sizes. Your logo must be able to show the consistent picture in all your marketing matters, including: card business, heading, product line and website. Logo can work well in website or advertisement, but it can get problem when we take a pen or a cup of tea. Some articles or illustrations aren’t to read briefly. One more, your logo must work well in light and dark colour.

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