Anita Lillie-Visual representations of songs

I am really intrigued by the work of this artist-basically how she did this.

Beethoven, "Moonlight" Sonata


Daft Punk, Superheroes

On her website she describes:

I was able to start this project with a very nice audio analysis tool, courtesy of The Echo Nest. This tool takes an MP3 file, breaks it up into little segments, and gives pitch, loudness, and high-level timbral descriptions of each one of those segments. My program maps a subset of this audio data onto a visual scale (see “Mapping” below), and createsvideo playback of the song. There are some fun interactive features in the real program, but here I just show pictures and video of the visualizer’s basic operation.

I wrote this in python, using pygame.


On her website, there’s also a video showing how these images are formed when the songs were played.

Beethoven, Fur Elise


Nirvana, Come As You Are


Kraftwerk, Pocket Calculator


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