Alvaro Soto

Alvaro Soto is an Industrial Designer from Colombia. His projects have to do with noise:

Sounds and Benches

Alvaro Soto is interested in objects informed by their surroundings. In his words:

Sound and Benches will be a set of benches informed by the sound that surrounds them, like informing the design of the bench from the real data in the existing space.

By building a Piezoelectric and using the soundAmp app for the Iphone, I am able to collect sound directly from the bench by making contact with the instrument and the metal part of the furniture. I will further process this sound in processing to collect the linear data and generate form out of it.






rhino screenshot

Rhino screenshot


Sound and paper

He described the project:

There is a layer of the city that we the transients give as granted. But is the same layer we create when populate these spaces. Sound, marks, smell etc. All these are recordings that Im very interested in visualizing, but more than visualizing is how this information that lives in an under-layer can be inserted back into the space.
With this experiment i am looking at technology and a paper as mediums to channel sound data into the physical space. 

This model uses a custom Rhino.python script to map sound values over a revolving shape and then panelled in Panelling Tools (for rhino) to translate into a physical model out of paper.

Rhino perspective and unroll surfaces

Unrolled surfaces



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