French Duo Turn Network Glitches Into Poetic Waves

The art collective Art of Failure, aka French artists Nicholas Maigret and Nicholas Montgermont, are well-versed in experimental sound and music and are inspired by audio-visual material, internet network representations, and the mysteries behind digital code. Educated at the Beaux-Arts school and the Institute for Research and Coordination Acoustic/Music, known as IRCAM, the artists create synaesthetic installations that combine registers of perception and media. Their piece LAPS is an attempt at representing the web’s network, its invisible functions, and its faults. They tell us:

The research field “LAPS” is focused on the creative sensible representation of the Internet, using it as a space for sound broadcasting. The spatial and geographic qualities of the network are put into evidence through the audio stream’s diffusion, which travels and echoes through the web. Listening to the stream through the specific processes allows us to hear the never-ending transformations affecting the sound while it circulates through the network. These alterations are assimilated into a sort of erosion brought about by the network’s space, a key allowing for different mental representations of this digital topography.

The final result resembles a moving lunar landscape as seen through a space capsule, or a troubling cloudy mass–perhaps made more morbid in today’s age of radioactive threat.



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