Drawing Apparatus – Robert Howsare

The Drawing Apparatus is probably one of the more simplistic drawing machines out there, but that doesn’t mean that it’s outcome is less interesting. A great project by Robert Howsare.


Oliver Smith


Oliver Smith uses sounds sampled from multiple locations within a city, to create an audio landscape.


AQT_16 uses audio from the Apollo and other NASA missions to create a series of towers, a cityscape based on pitch and volume. A fleeting, imaginary space habitat to draw eyes and thoughts upwards once again.


Cymatics is a study of visible sound and vibration. It is bothered with the study of modal phenomena and retitled Cymatics by Hans Jenny, a Swiss medical doctor and pioneer of this field.

Galileo Galilei, though, was an earlier one who observed a phenomenon like this:

As I was scraping a brass plate with a sharp iron chisel in order to remove some spots from it and was running the chisel rather rapidly over it, I once or twice, during many strokes, heard the plate emit a rather strong and clear whistling sound: on looking at the plate more carefully, I noticed a long row of fine streaks parallel and equidistant from one another. Scraping with the chisel over and over again, I noticed that it was only when the plate emitted this hissing noise that any marks were left upon it; when the scraping was not accompanied by this sibilant note there was not the least trace of such marks.

Cymatics, from the greek ‘kima’ (κύμα) which means wave, was explored by Hans Jenny in 1967 in his book Kymatik, which has to do with visual display of sound. He used standing waves, piezoelectric amplifiers an other methods and materials

Speech and grains

So these are the experiments I have done with the grains popping up with peoples speech. Using a big speaker, I placed on it a piece of paper and then poured some grains, nescafe, paprika, salt. The material creates a new shape for every letter.

Here I’m trying to see the movement of each letter individually

Latest idea for logo

I’m still experimenting with my identity. I’m really intrigued by the experiment I’m doing which is bothered with how much I can take out from the letters so it can be read.

The S on its own looks really simple and conceptual, although I thought it would be a good idea to have other variations of my logo, longer ones, and the full name written like this.

I really need to test this with people that don’t know my name and see if they can read my name..