Wearable soundwaves

Waveform designed by Sakurako Shimizuis born out of the shape of digital sound waves. Waveform Series consists of laser-cut visual representations of various sounds, rendered in silver and other metals and presented as wearable pieces. For this particular Love Design project the source of sound is “Cet Amour”, a poem by Jacques Prévert. The waveform of the poem, read by French actress Jeanne Moreau, was incorporated into necklaces and rings. The installation, beside jewelry objects, consists of the actual soundtrack. 24K Gold laser-cut.

Another piece of jewellery made from Sakurako Shimizu. He takes computer generated audio waveforms and creates jewelry with visual representations of words.

Wave form necklance by David Bizer

A project that takes sound recording and transforms it into a laser cut necklace representing the sound waveform.

The process starts with a simple sound analysing

Then the beads are cut using a laser cutter


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