Visualising sound with.. salt, instant coffee and paprika.

Stills from videos

A, Christina, 21, British-Cypriot, British-Southern accent. Paprika

A, Ben, 21, Scottish. Paprika.

Comparing Ben (left column) and Christina (right column). Paprika

Ben, 21, Scottish. Salt.

Ben, 21, Scottish. Instant coffee.

I am not sure if this is a way to approach this project. Although it makes some really nice images, intriguing to look at.

How I made these: I used a big speaker, I placed it horizontally so I can place a thin paper on top of it. On the paper I’ve put some salt/paprika/instant coffee and turned on the volume. I’m also really impressed by the quality of the videos, there were captured with an iPhone 4S!!

I had the idea to use the appropriate material to match to the character of each voice so I can approach a ‘language and identity’ concept.. But I don’t think this would work.. The sure thing these are really great images, I would like to go to the studio and take long exposure photographs and make better videos with them. I might upload the videos at some point.


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