Lately I have found myself bothered with how language works and shapes. This project attempts to visualise speech and language in general.

Context and audience

The project fits within the context of graphic design and visual communication because of its natural engagement with visualisation. The starting point of the project is my unexplained tendency to divide words into smaller ones or create new words with multiple meanings using Greek and English words. Part of my experimentation is to trace mouth movements, with paint, on paper, in order to observe the shape each letter of the alphabet makes. Further experimentation includes recording people saying the alphabet and specific phrases in order to observe how different are the waveforms each one of us makes. Finally, my last stage of experimentation consists of visualising the recordings I get from people. As sound is something physical, I shall be filming the movement of granulated material on a thin surface placed on speakers. This self-authored project stems from a personal concern, a concern that is a result of my cultural background, although I am choosing to open up the subject to a wider audience in order to communicate shape, power and representation of language. An important influence for the project is the study of ‘Cymatics’ by Hans Jenny, and his book with the same title, published in 1967.

Methodology and research

I shall be looking at how I can achieve the best results by testing different kinds of granulated material. The outcome shall be a result of my own primary research, as I will be recording people and later film the sound of such recordings, as visualised by the granulated material. I intend to use facilities and equipment offered by the university, such as the photography and video studio, video and still cameras and recording equipment. My primary research will also include photographic work. Contextual reference will include art and design works related to visual representation and notation of sound and music.



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