Post-review notes

After my feedback today (kind of relieving this goes well) I need to make some decisions in order to get well organised until the submission. So the first decisions are:

  • 4 materials (cinnamon, powder, coffee grains, salt)
  • 10 people-males and females (not sure about it, I might go for less, not more though)
  • 2 phrases
  • 2 views for each film (side-view and from above)

that makes it 160 clips !!! (this makes me feel I should go for less, I don’t know if I have the time for this amount of videos)

I need to consider the sequence of my video (I mean all together) and what information I give to the viewer. One thing is to have with small font somewhere below the videos information like “salt, female, the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plane”. I really liked the idea I was introduced today, to have boxes before each video starts. I can visualise it like, before each video starts, there will be my hand ticking boxes for either female or male, which one of the two phrases are gonna be said and what material is going to be used.

The idea with the 2 views of each video seemed to appeal to the group too, so I’m sticking to that one. Although, I need to think about the sequence because it would be boring to be like that all the time. Maybe I could have a 2-in-1 video, then one on its own, or MAYBE one single video in a really slow speed to make it more interesting (here the Twixtor plug-in for After Effects could help, a software that makes slow speed effects). It really needs to be interesting in order to attract the viewer to engage with it.

I need to be playful.

Few other things:

  • the HD format is preferred, but the video technician told me that a still camera that takes videos could be better for this kind of work because those cameras can go closer to the material
  • I have to decide to which persons I’m doing videos of. This will depend if the recordings of both their phrases are clear enough
  • the photographs are also interesting, they might be printed big on the wall-or maybe a selection of them/the best ones. For these I could also include information with small font

The sure thing I have a lot to think about and once I have all my films by Monday after the shooting day in the video studio, I will need to organise myself and start editing big time.


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