‘Home studio’ day.

Having booked the video studio for just one day (coming Monday), I decided to spend this weekend on filming as I won’t manage to get all my videos until the next tutorial. HD camera, lights and amplifier in my room. It seems there’s not space for me anymore, just for my projects.

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As you can see in the pictures I transformed my room into a studio. I covered the window with bin bags, hanged a large piece of paper, lights, camera and action. Total professionalism in my room!

As it seems, the JVC video camera I borrowed from the university store (I loved it!) shoots either in mov format for Final Cut Pro or MP4. Apparently I’ll have to learn an additional software..!

Today I was also learning how to use the Twixtor effect in After Effects. This effect slows down smoothly frames you want, in order to give more emphasis. This is my first experiment with it:

I am thinking of using this for my final sequence of videos. It would be a good idea to have some of the videos with this effect muted in between the combined videos, in order to make it more interesting and attractive to the viewer.


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