Speech visualised- final pictures(?)

These are pictures from the last filming I have done in my room.

I fell in love with the ones with the powder, they’re so attractive to look at, the shapes they make. Also, I have noticed that cinnamon this time didn’t make interesting shapes and I think it shouldn’t do in the first place anyway, because the first time I filmed cinnamon, I used a textured paper which made things go the wrong way. This time I used newspaper for that, as it didn’t move on the type of paper I used for the other ones. Salt also makes nice shapes, especially the parts where it breaks and it becomes powder! So intriguing. Nescafe doesn’t make interesting shapes but it’s interesting to look sideways when it pops. It shouldn’t be everything about interesting shapes, the project has an experimental approach, so I’m testing material, sound and people here. Different material makes different shapes or no shapes at all, that is.

I think I’m enjoying this project, although I should stop with the filming and concentrate on the editing process which seems long. My laptop doesn’t recognise the format the JVC camera I borrowed from uni films (works only with Snow Leopard and Lion-mine is Leopard) so I will need to edit my videos at uni, which will make the process even slower as I can only have access from 10am until 19pm when the library closes.

I am not sure what I should do with the pictures. I like them as a collection and they work well this way. It’s interesting to look the differences between people and shapes of the material. I’m probably showing them in a grid and some brief information, like name/or gender, material and phrase.


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