Post-tutorial notes (24/04)


Again, things to consider:

  • Find the best format to export to. The final most probably will be projected, so find the best format for that.
  • The sequence. Some of the videos are not that interesting. I’m thinking of have a balance between dull and strong videos (strong-dull-strong-dull etc).
  • Twixtor effect. It got good feedback from my tutorial. I’m thinking of selecting the videos that make the strongest effect and place them after 3-4 videos to break the dullness of the sequence
  • Check list idea (the idea I have, which would be my hand ticking boxes, like cinnamon, “the rain in spain” and ‘female’ before the video starts). This idea is growing. As the project is investigating visualisation of speech, something that sounds scientific to my ears, I should keep the theme like this. I need to look at scientist-photographers and how they worked. For example Edgerton and Muybridge. I was introduced at their notebooks. I think if I need a squared type of notebook will look more scientific. (I can even dress up like a scientist for the degree show-that would be fun!)
  • Photos. The way of presenting them will shape after I start editing the videos. What I’m thinking, is to have the photos in a grid (maybe A1 size) and next to it, the same size poster but with information for each picture.



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