‘Checking lists’ filming day

Screenshots from videos I was making last night. This is for the idea I had- the one with ticking boxes before each one of the videos comes in. The handwriting and the notebook was intentional as I wanted to give the ‘scientific’ feel the notebooks of Muybridge and Edgerton have, because they had a ‘science’ approach to photography. I hope this gives the right feeling to the viewer.

Actually now I’m wondering if it’s better to place these videos before or after the videos with the speech visualised. The only sure thing is I have to start editing (I feel guilty to say I haven’t started) so I can see what goes where and what I’m going to do with the posters which will describe each one of the videos. I’m in a lazy mode again – and I shouldn’t!! I’m waiting for the second-and last one- wave of stress to hit me so I can do work.


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