Check list-Sequence ideas

So these are the ideas I visualised:

1. Having 4 check lists, divided by material. Under material I will have the phrase and male/female voice. With this option I can crop the videos and change the sequence in FCP (Final Cut Pro), for example I can first have the Cinnamon-The rain in Spain-male/female and then Salt-The rain in Spain-male/female. I think this will be decided while putting stuff on the timeline, or experimenting different sequences to see which one works best.

2. Unsuccessful one: Having everything on one list. The thing here, when I’ll have the first series of videos, which for example will be Cinnamon-The rain in Spain-Male voice and then female voice, when I’ll want to do the “big black bug” phrase, the male/female boxes will already be ticked.. So this option is rejected..

3. Divided by material, without male/female voices. The female/male voices will be in random order. Although I’m worried that, as long as I have 3 things going on (material-gender-phrase), which all 3 of them play a vital role on how speech is visualised, I feel I should include them in the check list videos. So I put a ‘?’ on this one.

3.1 Again, divided by material, but this version has 4 different check lists (don’t as me why)


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