Post-tutorial notes

As I said in my last post, I started editing the videos/putting them on a timeline. I have exported a test for my tutorial (below).

Feedback I got back:

  • the checking-list videos get too boring and repetitive
  • use the check list videos only for major changes-but as a quick intervention
  • but consider the random order of the videos as this surprises the viewer
  • First step to make my life easier: make all the double view videos and export them in high res so I can easily change the order on the timeline!

Here are some of the sequence ideas I had. I am debating the thing that, as long as my videos are divided in 3 categories (material, voice, phrase) I should show all these categories to the viewer – but only a glimpse – the important thing here is the videos and the exciting imagery the materials create!

It seems that I will need to film again the videos with me ticking boxes. Long nights ahead from now on!


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