Post-(final)tutorial notes

I almost can’t believe this title.

Today I had the chance to test my footage on the projector and see how it looks big! I was kind of impressed, I think it really works projected on the wall. It makes you go closer and observe and it’s also easier to watch, as on the computer screen the two views confuse you. Projected is engaging for the viewer. These are some images I took:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall I got back a good final feedback today.

I’m finally not including the slow motion videos as they don’t communicate anything, they’re just beautiful. They could develop as a different project.

Regarding the posters:

  • decided on the 70.12×59.4 one
  • A3 explanatory table
  • use some colour for the table
  • the table needs to be in the same proportions and grid as the posters, to communicate and make people understand that it actually explains every image
  • to achieve netter communication I could have the title/categories of the table in a separate part above the table, so the table on its own has the same size proportion as the posters.

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