Surprise surprise, the project for next Wednesday is to make a sound or a performance with a kazoo!!

Howard Bernstein (Howie B) was the guest for this Wednesday, a sound producer/musician/deejay/mixer (I don’t know how to define him really) and this is a glimpse from his work:

Night Nice from Howie B on Vimeo.

At the brief intro he talked about how a sound can change the feeling of an image, how can manipulate emotions and situations. A simple repetitive sound can be really effective. So he gave us a kazoo, a really simple instrument, to express a feeling or emotion or make music with it. This is the first time we have a medium but we are going to provide the subject. So it can be

  • a sound recording
  • a live recording
  • a live orchestra
  • a film clip
  • a sound effect
  • a collage of different things
  • a performance
  • a sound installation
  • a poem
  • a band!

I was imagining really stupid stuff, as this is the first time we are given such a fun project to do. As a really loud person I would like to make interventions, like in the mornings when I’m on the train it annoys me when everyone is so calm reading their books, it could be really exciting for me to shake them up with a kazoo !

Other ideas I had are collaborative, I was imagining a choir in Saint Paul’s or Royal Albert Hall or flash mob! But then the rest of the group is busy and not everyone can do it (as proved from yesterday’s meeting when only 5-6 persons turned up to discuss ideas, so it’s not happening).

One other student had the idea to go all together outside Buckingham Palace and make a performance playing our national anthems at the same time, as everyone is from a different country. I also had this idea to go next to those guards that are not allowed to move and play the national anthem there and scare them. Something exciting, something fun, stupid, some intervention could be perfect for this project!

It’s Friday and I’m still thinking about – as always.

Let’s see..

Some inspiration I found on youtube:


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