‘Music for 3 colours and 1 kazoo’ feedback

So this is my response for last week’s brief, that asked to do a sound piece with a kazoo.

Music for three colours and one kazoo from Savvas Zinonos on Vimeo.

As I have done with a previous project, I have this tendency to visualise sound, or use sound as part of an image. The simplest idea I had was to link a pitch of sound with a colour. So 3 colours, 3 vocal notes and then make music with these 3 notes. The feedback I got was overall constructive, people seemed they liked it (they laughed which it’s positive), but there are few things that could be done:

  • the three primary colours brings in complexed meanings
  • also the ink mixing in the beginning is such an overused thing that I should probably drop – the reason I’ve included it is to show the process
  • composition is probably missing something/ something is not explored enough. There’s a repetitive part in the footage I’ve used which shows that I was going back to the same tune just because I wanted to be safe – the actual reason I used that 2-3 times was to show there’s the slightest form of a system in the ‘music’ I created and I haven’t made it randomly
  • at some point it feels like the video it’s about the editing and not the actual content
  • videos could be over-layed instead of showing them in different frames. This way I could create different colours related to the sound I have!
  • I could also consider density of colour, making a form of a language, consider how sound passes through air or water or different kind of elements
  • consider the dispersion between sound and image and the duration of time, the composition
  • this could also be developed in a game or an interactive project which would allow people to make music related to the colour – there could be a bar that you could move from the blue jar to the yellow one (and all the in between colours) and it could create music – just a starting point idea

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